How to find your perfect commercial space in Cyprus?

Posted on 13 April, 2016


Finding your perfect commercial space for your next business in Cyprus can be a difficult start. Searching for the best location, lowest price, and the facilities required for your type of business but especially the time taken to visit all the possible commercial spaces can be a very time consuming. Then why not instead of running around just to sit in front of your computer and search through our best commercial spaces database in Cyprus. We have everything for you here from retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, and medical spaces to factories, deposits, shops, warehouses, serviced offices, office buildings and many more.

Do not search anymore! Everything you need is right here!

The main criteria after which you have to search your next business location in Cyprus are:


Determine the Type of Space You Need

Location: The neighborhood you choose can be key to your business’ success. The busiest streets, the streets which allows you a nice outside area, a nice shop space in a Mall where the clients will be easier to find. What you will choose depends of the type of business you want to promote.

Traffic: Besides traffic patterns, you’ll also want to analyze foot traffic and ease of access to your location. The busiest streets in Cyprus sometimes can be difficult to access by car. If you have a nice location in the corner that can be spotted from anybody stopped at the traffic light are you sure that those drivers are ready to search for a place to stop the car in order to reach your commercial space? Well you have to be sure!

Size: Make sure you know how much space you need. Take into account you’re current and future needs so that you can grow within the space.

Budget: Have a good idea of what you can afford, and make sure that the type of space you want fits within that budget. The start of a new business sometimes it can be difficult in Cyprus until more people start knowing you. So better take care that you can afford paying for the rent for your next 6-12 months or even longer.

Utilities: Depending on your type of business, a lease that includes your water, electricity or common expense bill could tip the balance when all other factors are equal.

Amenities: Review what type of special options you might want to consider, including building amenities like security, fire prevention and parking. An already established business next to your new place could be your way to target more customers.


Find a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial Spaces in Cyprus gives you the possibilities to find information about all the agents in Cyprus. Search on our website the properties you are interested and have a look at the agents advertising for it!

You can also take in consideration to contact us or to ask local business owners for recommendations.


Search on Your Own

Comercial Spaces in Cyprus is the perfect website where you can search and find the perfect space for you in all the big cities like Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos or Polis or the smallest. If you are not in Cyprus you can win time and money by visiting only the properties that you found interesting on our website. Do not lose your time running on the hot days. Do everything from the comfort of your office!


Negotiate the Terms of the Lease and Special Features

When it comes time to sign the contract, make sure that you’ve negotiated the best possible rate for your commercial space. One way to ensure this, is to work with an attorney who specializes in commercial real estate, can review the lease for any potential pitfalls and make sure that you are protected when the lease comes to a close.


Your retail space will be the visual representation of your business and is therefore a very important piece to your success.

Good luck!


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